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You can be rest assured that every Justech inspection is carried out with a high level of care and precision to give you every pennies worth. No matter the reason for your inspection needs, we will be there with a detailed report to put your mind at ease. 

    Pricing for Edmonton and Surrounding areas.  
    Based on one kitchen, up to 3 bathrooms and garage.
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    • O       - 1000 SQ FT  400.00 $
    • 1001 -  1500 SQ FT  425.00 $  
    • 1501 -  2500 SQ FT  500.00
    • Over    2500  SQ FT  550.00
    • Ask us about are very many special services including Air quality testing, Mold and asbestos Testing, Main sewer Camera Inspection,  All including 3 samples

      Acreage inspections including septic tanks special offer !!!!   650.00 $


    As a seller or realtor of a potential listing, we can inspect the property to give you and any potential buyers peace of mind. Our pre-sale inspection helps you keep control through completion of the transaction by avoiding potential risk of some unexpected finding at the last minute, costing you more.


    A certified Justech Inspector will conduct the thorough evaluation of your prospective investment according to the comprehensive Standards of Inspections. Each property has different requirements and we tailor the inspection to ensure covering all specific items for your dream property.

    New Home

    New homes require specialized inspection services throughout construction to follow all necessary codes and protect your investment. Don't rely on new home warranty to save you once construction is finished. We inspect and test your future home for assorted issues that can be addressed BEFORE you move in. 

    Home Owners

    We help homeowners just like you learn about the current condition of your property. A lot can change over the years and we are here to let you know about it. Just like cars, homes need maintenance to prevent further damages down the road. Learn everything you need to know about your home with a certified inspection.


    In addition to residential inspection, Justech serves the commercial community as well. Our goal is to identify all major or minor issues and ensure that all working spaces are safe to operate such as restaurants, factories, offices, studios etc. We understand that it takes a village to construct your business and we are here to ensure everyone stays safe while doing it.  

    Fire Detection

    Fire detection services are a necessary part of fire prevention and and public safety in all spaces. All the more reason to ensure that your system performs when called upon. There are numerous procedures and qualifications to maintain the efficiency of your fire detection system and lives depend on it. Get informed and contact Justech today to find out more.

    Aerial Data Collection

    Do you require a birds eye view of your property? Justech now offers Drone Inspection services to give you photos and/or videos for all building infrastructure and surrounding area. Whatever you need to see, we can show you in high resolution.

    Fully Licensed with service Alberta, Fully insured and Bonded, Roof, Exterior, Attic, Interior, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC and Structure to the Alberta Government and InterNACHI Standards. In addition to the Standard inspection you also get Infared (Thermal Imaging), Moisture Meter, 90 Day Warranty, SewerGard, Mold Safe, Platinum Roof Leak Protection (5 Year), RecallCheck on the appliances and the InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee.


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    All of our services include inspection and operation of the following house or condominium functions:

    Heating systems in the cool season
    Air Conditioning in the warm season
    Plumbing Fixtures in Kitchens and Baths
    Water Heaters
    Built-in Appliances
    Indoor Air Quality Testing
    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ/IEQ Testing (Visual/level1)
    Our inspectors will also conduct a visual inspection of accessible auxiliary systems and components of the property.
    Structure and Foundation
    Electrical Systems
    Plumbing Systems
    Roofs, Walls, Floors and Ceilings
    Porches and Decks
    Gutters and Drainage
    Basemets, Crawl Spaces, Attics and
    Outdoor facilities, including pools and hot tubs

    We also have special services we include ! 

    Lead / Radon VOC’s-in-Well Water
    Well Water Quality
    Wood Destroying Organisms
    Mold Sampling (Where Qualified)
    Septic Inspection
    Sewer Line Inspection
    Perimeter Drainage Inspection
    Chimney/WETT Inspection
    Asbestos and Lead Detection
    Residential Environmental Reports
    Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)
    Thermal Imaging
    Mold Testing and Allergy Sampling
    Building Envelope Investigation (Invasive)