Project Alpha 137

A dream brought back to life

Sam Soadi is the founder of Justech Enterprises Ltd. Sam gave the company to his son Justin shortly after he had earned his journeyman ticket at the young age of 21. Alpha 137 was Sam's dream company to run with Justin but that sadly never came true. Sam's idea for this project was to combine refrigeration, HVAC, plumbing and building services along with Justech Enterprises into one super company called Alpha 137.

With both Sam and Justin palanning to partner on Alpha 137, a misfortune had struck on May 8th, 2014. Sam passed away in his sleep of a sudden heart attack just days before Alpha 137 was supposed to launch on May 29th.

The devastation of this great loss left Justin unable to move forward with the project, and thus put all progress on hold. For six years, Alpha 137 was not spoken of and Justech Enterprises has carried on to become the business that customers know and love today, under Justin's leadership. With the support of our community, Justech Enterprises has now developed into many divisions of electrical and inspection services to serve everyone better.

Finally after six years, Justin has decided to launch Alpha 137 but with a new twist; as a foundation dedicated to Sam. Justin's father helped so many Albertans, apprentices, charities and other local businesses during his career. With this in mind, it was only right for Justin to continue to give back to the people. That is why Justech Enterprises Ltd. will be donating 3% of all revenue to the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Justech will be doing so, every year in the loving memory of Sam and to help many others who are suffering from heart disease. Justin has specifically chosen to donate 3%, as 3 was Sam's favorite number.

What was once a dream, will forever live on with the Justech team. Sam's vison and mentorship will forever be carried through by Justin, and Sam's dedication to his work and community will forever be carried through Project Alpha 137. 

As Sam always said; "You can have anything in the world that your heart desires. But you must always find a way to get it, even if you fall down or get stuck. You must never give up because once you have given up, that is when you fail".